Log Management

Khika offers a Simple and Scalable Log Management Platform.

Khika Platform for Log Management and Machine data analytics can generate Reports, Dashboards, Alerts to do Root Cause Analysis by correlating the logs of multiple devices.

Collect and Compress

  • Khika collects all logs at a Central location to enable pervasive log analysis.
  • Agent Based or Agent less log collection based on client preference and devices.
  • Compresses and indexes logs to enable getting insights from them.

Forensics Analysis

  • Troubleshoot by searching logs from multiple devices and look at them in context.
  • Finding where the problem started first and how it progressed is important for Root Cause Analysis and Forensics.
  • Searching logs in context of each other and correlating the events.

Visualize in Reports

  • Routine reporting can be made attractive and easily available for analysts so that they can influence business KPIs like customer service , capacity planning and vulnerabilities.
  • Reports can be viewed on any device such as laptop, tab and mobile.

Dashboards with Alerts

  • Monitor Configuration Changes and Compliance with policies Track the key metrics and event rates in real time.
  • Generate alerts for policy non compliance, privileged user access, anomalies etc. based on real time as well as historical data are essential as part of IT controls.

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