About Us

Makers of KHIKA SIEM.
  • Khika is a Network Data Lake that enables companies to Derive Business Value, Detect Cyber Threats and Drive Compliance.
  • We are installed on premise, on cloud or in MSPs. All that we do is highly scalable, multitenant platform with ease of Provisioning and Manageable with the least effort.
  • Our core competence is to correlate events, flows and other data at scale in real time to prioritize incidents in order to enable automated response with our REST API.
  • Our scalable search enables forensics and Threat Hunting.
  • Reporting engine enables compliance reports such as PCI DSS, ISO27001 and Operational visibility in the performance trends and health of the systems.

How it started .... and went ahead.

  • Our team has its roots in writing highly scalable Enterprise grade software in Network monitoring. While doing this we found that there was a need for handling large volumes of log, flow and metric data and deriving insights for troubleshooting and performance.
  • We did extensive research and invented algorithms for sequence and association rule mining. Along the way realized the gigantic nature of this task and the enormous value it can bring. The same data can be leveraged for Visibility in the network, Security and automated response. This led us to making Khika which we call a 'Network Data Lake'
  • Until a couple of years ago, most companies relied on Perimeter defense to prevent cyber attacks. However with the advent of newer stealth attacks in on premise, multi cloud, mobile, BYOD and IoT environments, the focus shifted to detect and mitigate the threats which could be anywhere - outside or inside. The vision we had for a while came true!!
  • The team came up with a new version of Khika enabling multitenant cloud architecture to a new level enabling SAAS and MSP. Ease of provisioning, manageability and Visualizations to a new level made this an instant hit. Our customers have been the driving force in shaping our thoughts and we look forward to you all the time.

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