Compliance and Audit

Reduce your overhead for IT Compliance and be Audit Ready all the time.

IT Compliances and Audits are on an ever increasing trend with regulators and board becoming more and more conscious about cyber security. Ensuring that IT controls are in place and demonstrating compliance can be a substantial overhead on the IT organization. We make this task easier.

Audit Ready

  • Server Hardening Compliance reports to identify gap between policy and actual parameters.
  • Out of box reports predefined for compliances such as PCI DSS and ISO27001.
  • Ability to configure reports easily to suit multiple compliances simultaneously without maintaining multiple versions.

Event Logs

  • Event logs from Windows and syslogs from Linux, Unix servers provide critical information on access, configuration changes which can indicate compliance breaches or cyber threats.
  • Real time dashboards and alerts to ensure compliance.
  • Historical search and correlation to detect anomalies.

Device Logs

  • Collect and analyze logs from perimeter systems such as firewall, WAF, web proxies.
  • Correlate with logs from endpoint systems such as Antivirus.

Asset Discovery

  • What devices are being added or removed from a domain and whether policies are being followed for the same.
  • Breaches often exploit the weakest link which could be just single machine newly added to the domain.

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