How do I estimate my per day data?

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It is hard to know the size of data your device may generate as it depends on the load, number of users, number of requests and many other factors. The best solution is to enable the data from the device and observe it in KHIKA for a couple of days. You can use the Discover screen of KHIKA to check the amount of data received on a daily basis. Please perform the following steps to arrive at the data size per day:

  • Login to KHIKA
  • Go to Discover interface
  • From Time Range option at the top right hand corner, select last 24 hours. Ensure that no filters have been set for the queried data.
  • For the selected index note the “Number of Hits” in the output shown in the left hand corner.

Discover daily 1.png

  • Repeat the procedure for all the indexes and sum the “Number of Hit” for all the indexes.
  • Multiply the sum in by 1024 to get the bytes you have per day
  • Further multiply by 1.5 to 1.7 for adding a factor of safety
  • This is basically the bytes per day you are getting. Convert to GB and use it for sizing calculations.